Advent House

Trimming the Tree

Aunt Lee's Barn

Children's Service

Beacon Hill Carolers

Brick House Caroling

Eight Reindeer

Santa on the Roof

Santa's on His Way

Evening Service

General Store

Higganum House Sleigh

Beacon Hill Stairs

Hanging the Wreath

House with Sleigh

Evening Skate

Home for Supper

Large Barn Creche

Last Minute

Meriden Lake


Off to Church


Hooper Mansion

Robi's Village

Christmas Village

House Silhouette

Snow Village

On My Way Home

Sleigh Over White Bridge

Snowfall in the Village

Thankful Arnold House

Christmas at Owl's Cry

Winter Greetings

Arrivals at the Party

Christmas Florist

Christmas at Deep River

Christmas in Vermont

Christmas Shopping Street

Angels and Deer

Hanging Stockings

Bag of Toys

Carolers at the Door

Blue Angels


Festive Wreath

Holy Family under the Spruce

Holy Family and Flock

Kitchen Closet

Busy Saturday

Hearth with Cat

Madonna and Child

Mosaic Angel

Haddam Doorway

Praying Child

Providence Doorway

Red Coach

Ascending Dove

White Cupboard

Trotter Sleigh

Vanderbilt Sleigh

Green Window

Window and Teapot

Wreath with Birds

Blue Window
All images copyright Charlotte Joan Sternberg